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To create interest in Harlem Township, its historical past and natural surroundings through preservation, conservation, education and Harlem Township Heritage, Inc.’s specific objectives.

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2018 Events Added

We've posted our 2018 events here  or go to Events > 2018 Events. We're doing Community Dinners and Trunk or Treat this year!  As always, anyone is welcome to join our HTH meetings every third Thursday night of the month!

Welcoming a happy and eventful 2018 and greeting our
new officers for this new year!
HTH Historal Activities
1. Re-Reading Fancher and Maple Grove Cemeteries
2. New Stone for S. E. Trout
3. Ohio Historical Marker, in Fancher Cemetery
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Latest HTH Harlem Twp Historical Booklets for 2017
Booklets here!
Cookie Recipes
Duncan's Run Patch Ride
7th Annual Duncan's Run Patch Bicycle Ride was a complete success! We had a total of 285 registered riders! Hope everyone who signed up enjoyed their ride!
Click for Cookie/Bar Recipes made for
Duncan's Run Bicycle Patch Ride

  1. Harlem Township Days
  2. Tractors
  3. Car Show
  4. Tractor Pull
  5. Vendors
  6. Exhibitors
  7. Jazz
  8. Juggling
  9. Pancake Breakfast
  10. Railroad man
  11. Llamas
  12. Wagon Rides
  13. Taekwondo
  14. Bounce house
  15. Ponies
  16. Duncan Run Patch Ride
  17. Duncan Run Patch Ride
  18. Duncan Run Patch Ride
  19. Duncan Run Patch Ride
  20. Duncan Run Patch Ride
  21. Title 21
  22. Title 22
  23. Duncan Run Patch Ride
  24. Duncan Run Patch Ride
  25. Duncan Run Patch Ride
  26. Standing by the fire
  27. Snow man family
  28. Santa's house